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  • A state-of-the-art classification and review of parameters that affect the design, control, and operating strategies of order picking systems, Operational Research-An International Journal, 24(6) , 2024

    Gialos, A., Zeimpekis, V.


    The order-picking process has a signifcant impact on both the overall logistics costs as well as the customer service level, and as a result, is characterized as one of the highest priority warehouse activities for productivity and performance  improvements. Although various existing studies focus on the design of order-picking systems as well as on a series of decision-making problems, there is still a need for a holistic framework that will map and categorize the parameters (e.g. total/forward area design, order-picking equipment, storage assignment policies, level of picking locations, order picking technologies, resource planning characteristics, order picking operational policies, routing strategies, product characteristics, order profle, etc.) that should be considered by researchers and practitioners for the design, control, and evaluation of order picking systems. To this end, the aim of this paper is to provide a state-of-the-art classifcation and review of parameters by adopting the Systematic Literature Review (SLR) approach. Overall, 389 articles were reviewed, and the identifed parameters are classifed into three categories: order-picking system design, order-picking system control, and order-picking system evaluation. Furthermore, this literature review aims to present managerial implications that directly afect the successful design of order-picking systems and identify a future research agenda.
    Keywords Logistics · Order picking · Warehousing · Systematic literature review · Framework · Picking parameters
    Post date: Friday, February 2, 2024 - 08:17
  • Investigating the impact of operational efficiency and perceived workload in pickers-to-parts order-picking technologies: Evidence from laboratory experiments, Logistics, 8(13), 2024

    Chondromatidis, N., Gialos, A., Zeimpekis, V. 


    Despite the general impression that digital order-picking supportive technologies can manage a series of emerging challenges, there is still a very limited amount of research concerning the implementation and evaluation of such technologies in manual picker-to-goods order-picking systems. Therefore, this paper aims to evaluate the performance of three alternative picker-to-goods technologies (i.e., Pick-by-Radio Frequency (RF) Scanner, Pick-to-light, and Pick-byvision) in terms of completion time and perceived workload. Methods: The Design of Experiments (DoE) methodology is adopted to investigate order-picking technologies in terms of completion time. More specifically, a full factorial design has been used (23 × 3 full factorial design) for the assessment of the aforementioned order-picking technologies via laboratory testing. Furthermore, for the comparative assessment of the reviewed order-picking technologies in terms of workload, the NASA Task Load Index (NASA-TLX) is embraced by system users. Results: The results reveal that the best picker-to-goods technology in terms of order-picking completion time and perceived workload under certain laboratory setup is light picking when combined with few items per order line and many order lines per order. Conclusion: The paper successfully identified the best picker-to-goods technology, however it is important to mention that the adoption of such order-picking technology implies certain managerial implications that include training programs for employees to ensure they are proficient in using such technologies, upfront costs for purchasing and implementing the order picking system, and adjustments to existing workflows.
    Keywords: order-picking; pick-by-RF scanning; pick-to-light; Pick-by-vision; design of experiments;laboratory testing
    Post date: Friday, February 2, 2024 - 08:13
  • Εκπαιδευτική εκδρομή: Επίσκεψη στην εταιρία ΚΑΜΠΟΣ ΧΙΟΥ

    Στο πλαίσιο του μαθήματος Διοίκηση Λειτουργιών (Μάθημα κορμού Ε΄Εξαμήνου), πραγματοποιήθηκε εκπαιδευτική εκδρομή στην εταιρία ΚΑΜΠΟΣ ΧΙΟΥ. 

    Τους φοιτητές του 3ου έτους συνόδευσαν ο κ. Βασίλειος Ζεϊμπέκης, Επικ. Καθηγητής και η κ. Λεμονιά Αμυγδάλου, μέλος ΕΤΕΠ του Τμήματος.



    Post date: Tuesday, December 12, 2023 - 09:07
  • Έξυπνες και αειφόρες αστικές εμπορευματικές μεταφορές (city logistics) στην Ελλάδα: Ευκαιρίες ανάπτυξης και προκλήσεις

    Δρ. Βασίλης Ζεϊμπέκης

    Πρόεδρος ΔΣ, Ελληνικής Εταιρείας Logistics,

    Επίκουρουρος Καθηγητής, Τμήμα Μηχανικών Οικονομίας & Διοίκησης, Πανεπιστήμιο Αιγαίου,

    Μέλος στο Εθνικό Συμβούλιο Ανάπτυξης & Ανταγωνιστικότητας Εφοδιαστικής

    Δεκέμβριος 2023

    Post date: Wednesday, December 6, 2023 - 09:17
  • Ιδιαίτερα σημαντική διάκριση για το Δρ. Ζεϊμπέκη

    Με μεγάλη μας χαρά ανακοινώνουμε πως ο Επίκουρος Καθηγητής του Τμήματος Μηχανικών Οικονομίας και Διοίκησης Βασίλειος Ζεϊμπέκης επιλέχθηκε ως μία από τις σημαντικότερες προσωπικότητες στον κόσμο που διαμορφώνουν το μέλλον των οδικών μεταφορών. Η εν λόγω κατηγοριοποίηση έγινε από τον Διεθνή Οργανισμό για τις Οδικές μεταφορές (IRU) με έδρα τις Βρυξέλλες. Σε μία λίστα 70 ατόμων από τον όλο τον κόσμο ο μοναδικός Έλληνας ερευνητής - Μέλος ΔΕΠ, είναι ο Δρ. Ζεϊμπέκης.


    Post date: Wednesday, September 6, 2023 - 12:47