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Real-time Decision Support Systems in Urban Distributions: Opportunities afforded by mobile and wireless technologies

Giaglis, G. M., Minis, I., Tatarakis, A. Zeimpekis, V.
Proc. of the 3rd International ECR Research Symposium, Athens Greece, 11-12 September 2003.

The proliferation and widespread attention being paid to mobile and wireless technologies, coupled with the advanced capabilities for accurate location monitoring of moving vehicles and products, have given new impetus to urban distribution process management. Incorporating such technologies in vehicle routing systems can yield ample opportunities for improving overall supply chain execution efficiency and effectiveness. This paper proposes a generic mobile real-time integrated decision support system for urban distribution, emphasizing on the innovations provided by advanced crisis management and exception handling possibilities through real-time rerouting applications, hierarchical divide-and-conquer algorithms, and cost-effective local optimisation of routing schedules.