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A Web-Tool for Planning Environmental Friendly Freight Combined Transport Pperations

Zeimpekis, V., Mamasis, K. and Minis I. 

Procedia Social and Behavioral Sciences, Transport Research Arena – Europe 2012, vol. 48, 2012, 464-472.


Recent EU transportation sector actions focus towards the development of integrated, technology-based transportation systems to support co-modality operations. These may contribute significantly towards the minimization of operational costs and improvement of customer satisfaction, while being energy efficient and environmental friendly. This paper presents the design, implementation and pilot testing of an innovative web tool that helps shippers and freight forwarders in seeking near optimal combined transport solutions taking into account trip costs, transportation durations, risk and CO2 emissions. The paper analyses the architecture of the platform, which is based on user requirements, as mapped through an extensive elicitation process. Subsequently, it describes the methods used to:  a) generate transportation routes using available data and related OR techniques, b) request offers from registered providers, and c) monitor delivery. Finally, the paper presents results from pilot testing of the platform in actual cases from five EU countries.