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Lab Reports

Lab Report, 2011-01

Lab Report, 2011-03

Lab Reports: 

Th. Athanasopoulos

The Multi-Period Vehicle Routing Problem and ITS Applications, Ph. D. Dessetation, May, 2011

Lab Report, 2011-04

Lab Reports: 

V. Zeimpekis, I. Minis, G. Giaglis, K. Mamasis

Real-Time Fleet Management and Rerouting in City Logistics, Under Review in IJORIS,2011


Lab Report, 2011-02

Lab Reports: 

G. Dikas, I. Minis, K. Mamasis

Single Vehicle Routing With Predefined Client Sequence and Multiple Warehouse Returns: The Case of Two Warehouses, Under Review in JORS

Lab Report, 2011-05

Lab Reports: 

K. Mamasis, I. Minis, G. Dikas

Managing a Vehicle Breakdown Incident During Urban Distribution of a Single Product, Under Review in JORS, 2011

Lab Report, 2011- 06

Lab Reports: 

Th. Athanasopoulos, I. Minis

Rolling Horizon Planning of Vehicle Routers in a Multi-Environment, Under Review in EJOR, 2011

Lab Report, 2011-07

Lab Reports: 

I. Minis, V. Zeimpekis, G. Dounias, N. Ampazis, (Eds,)

Supply Chain Optimazation, Design and Management: Advances and Intelligent Methods, Book, IGI Global Plublishing (Former Idea), 320pages, 2011

Lab Report, 2011-08

Lab Reports: 

Th. Athanasopoulos, I. Minis

Multi-Period Routing in Hybrid Courier Operation, Chapter in Book, I. Minis, V. Zeimpekis, G. Dounias, N. Ampazis (Eds.), Supply Chain Optimization, Design & Management: Advances & Intelligent Methods, IGI Global Publications, Chapter 11, 232 – 251, 2011.

Lab Report, 2011-09

Lab Reports: 

 A. Tatarakis, I. Minis

Stochastic Single Vehicle Routing Problem with Delivery and Pick Up and a Predefined Custoer Sequence, European Journal of Operation Research, vol. 213, 2011, 37-51

Lab Report, 2011-10

Lab Reports: 

Th. Athanasopoulos, I. Minis

Column Generation Techniques for the Multi-Period Vehicle Routing Problem, Under Review in Annals of Operations Research, 2011