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Load Transfer Operations for a Dynamic Vehicle Routing Problem with Mixed Backhauls

Ninikas, G., Minis, I.

Journal on Vehicle Routing Algorithms, vol. 1, pp. 47 – 68, 2018


We consider a dynamic vehicle routing problem with mixed backhauls (DVRPMB) that seeks to plan, in the most efficient way, the delivery of dynamic pickup orders that arrive in real time, while a predefined plan of serving static delivery orders is being executed. Maintaining the original assignment of delivery orders to vehicles may limit system performance, since the changes in the system state caused by the arriving dynamic orders may grant re-assignments of such orders advantageous. Thus, in this paper, we introduce and solve a variant of DVRPMB that allows orders to be transferred between vehicles during plan implementation. We refer to this problem as the DVRPMB with load transfers (DVRPMB-LT). Since the problem is solved with periodic re-optimization, we focus on the underlying optimization problem, develop an appropriate model using an arc-based formulation, and compare the exact solutions to the ones of the corresponding problem that does not allow transfers. Furthermore, we develop a practical heuristic framework to address the complexity of DVRPMB-LT and solve cases of practical relevance. Subsequently, we employ the proposed framework to solve and analyze the full dynamic problem.

Keywords: Dynamic Vehicle Routing, Re-optimization, Dynamic Pickup and Delivery, Load Transfers, Dynamic Pickup and Delivery with Transshipments