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Contribution to the Design of the Car Fleet System During the Athens 2004 Olympic Games

Minis, I., Angelopoulos, J., Kyrioglou, G.

Transport Planning and Technology, vol. 32, n. 2, 2009, 115-141.


This paper discusses important design aspects of the "taxi-like" car fleet system used to transport VIPs during the Athens 2004 Olympic Games. This system included more than 600 vehicles, 2 large depots, a call center, 1300 drivers and more than 100 management staff, and provided 24 hour service to approximately 3,500 clients during the 15 day-period of the Games. Three aspects of the system design played a critical role in the system's success: The development of robust operating principles, the accurate planning of resources, and the design of an effective management structure. The methods used in these three areas are presented, and the system design is evaluated by actual measurements collected during operation. The issues presented in this paper are relevant to the design and management of car fleet transport systems for large events.