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Real-Time Fleet Managemnt and Rerouting in City Logistics

V. Zeimpekis, I. Minis, G. Gliatis, K. Mamasis

Accepted for publication in International Journal of Operations Research and Information Systems, vol. 4, n.4, 2013

Multi-Period Routing in Hybrid Courier Operations

Th. Athanasopoulos, I. Minis

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Assessing the Impact of Failures in Service Operations Using Experimental Design with Simulation

Gliatis, V., Minis, I., Lavasa, K. M.

Accepted for publication in International Journal of Quality & Reliability Management, vol.30, n. 1, 2013, 23-46

A Web-Tool for Planning Environmental Friendly Freight Combined Transport Pperations

Zeimpekis, V., Mamasis, K. and Minis I. 

Procedia Social and Behavioral Sciences, Transport Research Arena – Europe 2012, vol. 48, 2012, 464-472.


Integrated Planning in Hybrid Courier Operations

Ninikas, G., Athanasopoulos, T., Zeimpekis, V., Minis, I.,

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Humanitarian and Relief Logistics, Research Issues, Case Studies and Future Trends

Zeimpekis, V., Ichoua, S., Minis, I., (Eds)

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