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Supply Chain Optimization, Design and Management: Advances and Intelligent Methods

Minis, I., Zeimpekis, V., Dounias, G., Ampazis, N.

IGI Global Publishing, 320pages, 2011 

This edited volume will focus on the contribution of Computational Intelligence to Supply Chain Management. Computational Intelligence (CI) is a term corresponding to a new generation of algorithmic methodologies in artificial intelligence, which combines elements of learning, adaptation, evolution and approximate (fuzzy) reasoning to create programs that -in a way- can be considered intelligent. The proposed edited volume will present CI methods addressing topics in the entire spectrum of the supply chain i.e. from forecasting, planning for production and distribution to actual implementation, including production and inventory control, warehouse management, management of distribution channels, and transportation. Emphasis will be given to those CI methods and techniques that provide effective solutions to complex supply chain problems, exhibiting superior performance with respect to other methods of operations research. The edited volume will also include integrated case studies that describe the solution to actual problems of high complexity.