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Minimizing Logistics Risk through Real-time Vehicle Routing and Mobile Technologies: Research to-date and Future Trends

Giaglis, G.M., Minis, I., Tatarakis, A. and Zeimpekis, V.

Journal of Physical Distribution and Logistics Management, vol. 34, n. 9, 2004, 749-764.

Vehicle routing (VR) is critical in successful logistics execution. The emergence of technologies and information systems allowing for seamless mobile and wireless connectivity between delivery vehicles and distribution facilities is paving the way for innovative approaches to real-time VR and distribution management. This paper investigates avenues for building upon recent trends in VR-related research towards an integrated approach to real-time distribution management. A review of the advances to-date in both fields, i.e. the relevant research in the VR problem and the advances in mobile technologies, forms the basis of this investigation. Further to setting requirements, we propose a system architecture for urban distribution and real-time event-driven vehicle management.