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Baklagis Dimitris - Georgios

2013 Diploma Thesis Title:

Fleet Sizing Decisions for Prioritized Pick-Up and Delivery Operations using the Branch and Price Method


  C.V. ( Greek Version)


Optimizing routing-related operations has significant implications in improving the efficiency of logistics. In this thesis we deal with the problem of sizing a fleet of vehicles performing prioritized pick-up and delivery operations to serve a known client base under resource constraints. We propose a new model for this problem that combines the Team Orienteering Problem with the problem of Pick-up and Delivery with Time Windows, and Capacity Constraints (TOPPDTWCC). We have developed an exact Branch-and-Price method for the TOPPDTWCC. To assess system performance we proposed a number of KPIs related to: a) quality of service, b) expected profit, and c) utilization of the vehicles and considering these, from the set of the most effective fleet is selected this with the minimum total cost.