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Sustainable Freight Transport - Theory, Models and Case Studies

Zeimpekis, V., Aktas, E., Bourlakis, M., Minis, I. (Eds.)

Sprienger, Operations Research/Computer Science Interfaces Series, Volume 63, 178 pages, (ISBN-13: 978-3319629162), 2018.


Emergency Evacuation Planning in Natural Disasters Under Diverse Population and Fleet Characteristics

Baou, E., Koutras, V., Zeimpekis, V., Minis, I.

Accepted for publication in the Journal of Humanitarian Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Publication date 3 December 2018



Supply Planning for Shelters and Emergency Management Crews Operational Research

Fragkos, M., Zeimpekis, V., Koutras, V., Minis, I.

International Journal of Operational Research, 2020

Received: 28 December 2019 / Revised: 28 February 2020 / Accepted: 3 March 2020 


Warehousing and Distribution Network Design from a Third-Party Logistics (3PL) Company Perspective

Karagiannis, G., Minis, I., Arampantzi, C. and Dikas, G.

“Warehousing and distribution network design from a Third-Party Logistics (3PL) company perspective”, Proc. Of the 10th IFAC Conference on Manufacturing Modelling, Management and Control, Nantes, France, June 22-24, 2022.