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Innovative Methods for Business Development and Organization in the Northern Aegean Region

 Project Duration

22 months (June 2006 – March 2008)

Project Partners

  1. DeOPSys Lab, Financial & Management Engineering, Aegean University
  2. ENA Chios S.A. – Developmental Company
  3. Planning S.A. – Management Consultants,


This project is funded by the General Secretariat of Research and Technology (G.S.R.T), implemented under the North Aegean Regional Operational Programme (ROP).


The main scope of this project is the imprinting of existing situation in the Northern Aegean Region and the analysis of basic sectors amining at the emergence of investment opportunities that will contribute in the configuration of a favourable economic environment.


IRIDA - Fruit traceability through RFID technology

Project Duration

(May 2006 - November 2007)

Funding programme:

International Collaboration in the Industrial Research and Development Activities in Pre-competitive Stage

Funding Agency: General Secretariat of Research and Technology


The main aim of the project is the development of an innovative information system for real-time traceability of fruits that makes use of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology.

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