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Refereed Conference Proceedings (Abstract reviewed)

Assessment and Benchmarking of Freight Transport Operations: The Case of Pan-European Corridors IV, V and VII

Zeimpekis, V., Arampantzi, C., Caggianis, L., Kranjec, P., Minis, I., Ottomanelli, L.,

in the proceedings of the 26th European Conference on Operational Research, Rome, Italy, 1-4 July, 2013.

Πράσινες Συνδιασμένες Εμπορικές Μεταφορές: Πρακτικές από το Ερευνητικό Έργο TRANSit

Β. Ζεϊμπέκης, Κ. Μαμάσης, Ι. Μίνης

Πρακτικά 14ου Πανελλήνιου Συνεδρίου Logistics (Logistics 2010), Αίγλη Ζαππείου, Αθήνα, 19-20 Νοεμβρίου, 2010.

A Web Platform for Effective Planning of Green Combined Transportation in EU

V. Zeimpekis, D. Saliaris, K. Mamassis, I. Minis

Proceedings of the 24th Conference on Operational Research (EURO XXIV), Lisbon, Portugal, July 11-14, 2010.

Using RFID Technology for Real-Time Logistics Management of Dried Figs: Insights from a Greek Union of Cooperatives


 Zeimpekis, V., Minis, I.

Proceedings of the 4th International Workshop on Freight Transportation & Logistics (ODYSSEUS 2009, Cesme, Izmir, Turkey, May 26-29, (electronic proceedings), 2009.

An Intelligent Fleet Management System for Real-Time Courier Services

Zeimpekis, V., Ninikas, G., Athanasopoulos, T., Minis, I.

Proceedings of the 23rd Conference on Operational Research (EURO XXIII), Bonn, Germany, July 5-8, 2009. 

Transport: Competitiveness and Complemetarity of Transport Mode- Perspectives for Combined Transport

Tsamboulas, D.A., Minis, I., Karanasiou, M.

Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Combined Transport, University of the Aegean, (in CD ROM), Chios, 2007.

Dynamic Vehicle Dispatching Travel Times In Urban Settings

Zeimpekis, V., Giaglis, G., Minis, I.
Proceedings of the 21th European Conference on Operational Research (EURO XXI), 2-5 July, 2006, Reykjavik, Iceland.

Dynamic Incident Handling in Urban Freight Distributions

Zeimpekis, V., Giaglis, G., Minis, I. (2006)
Proc. of the 3rd International Workshop on Freight Transportation and Logistics (ODYSSEUS 2006), Altea, Spain, May 23-26, 2005.

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